"It was a real honor and great time playing with Iain Davies while I was on tour this summer in the UK!!! Not only does he demonstrate great phrasing on the guitar but also unique and inventive techniques that will make him stand out from the crowd. He will be someone I will be listening to and watching as he gains more and more stature in this genre."

About Chris: Through the 8-finger tapping licks and insane sweeps he has proven himself as one of the most advanced players in the metal scene today. After a long tenure in Megadeth he now flexes his own creativity in Act Of Defiance. Fun fact: Iain actually jammed a cover of Iron Maiden's "Wrathchild" onstage with Chris on Act Of Defiance's debut UK tour.

CHRIS BRODERICK (Act Of Defiance, ex-Megadeth)
Act Of Defiance - "Throwback"                                        Act Of Defiance - "Wrathchild" w/ Iain GT Davies
SAM BELL (Solo Artist, Mask Of Judas, Instructor)
"Iain is a very technically proficient and musically versatile Guitarist with plenty of live performance and touring experience that shows in his stage presence and command of the guitar in a live environment. Probably most importantly however in this busy industry, he is an absolute gentleman."
About Sam: Best known has an instructor for Lick Library and iGuitar Mag, Sam has created lessons and instructional DVDs in the styles of the leading players in the shred guitar world. Creatively he sports his own solo guitar project inspired by 80s shred and also demonstrates his huge technical facility in UK tech-metal band Mask Of Judas, pulling out string-skipped tapping ideas and unique fusion inspired phrasing.
Mask Of Judas - "The Conspirator"                                 Jam with Paul Gilbert (Solo Artist, Mr Big, Racer X)
CONOR MCGOURAN (Tech Noir, ex-Xerath, Session Guitarist)

"I first met Iain whilst on tour in the UK with my own band. It was extremely refreshing to see and hear a player with great technical proficiency but would put more focus on musicality, particularly his wide in time vibrato. What makes guitar unique to other instruments is the ability to bend strings and be expressive, something Iain deeply understands. He is someone I consider a friend and a musician I respect immensely."

About Conor: Conor's astounding technical facility and versatility is what makes him the lethal player he is, able to jump from different styles with ease. As a session player he has played with artists such as Riccardo Cocciante, Vasco Rossi, the legendary Bobby Kimball of Toto fame and has even performed in the historic Colosseum in Rome (where Iain grew up). His prominence rose further during his time in the acclaimed UK Progressive Metal band Xerath where his metal chops were flexed beyond what most guitarists can conceive.

Xerath - "I Hold Dominion" (Playthrough)               Arpeggio Étude/Lydian Improv
JAMIE HUNT (One Machine, ex-Biomechanical)

"Iain was a fantastic student with drive, ambition, focus an creativity. He sets expectations high and gets the intended results. Iain has become an awesome musician who draws influence from well beyond the Metal genre. It's been a pleasure to observe his journey and musical achievements. He's the real deal."

About Jamie: Having toured with the likes of Exodus and Nevermore, Jamie is in the elite of metal guitarists who strive to break new ground as a lead player both technically and melodically. Starting out in UK Progressive Thrash heavy weights Biomechanical, he now plays next to Thrash veteran Steve Smyth (ex-Testament, Nevermore, Forbidden, Vicious Rumours) in One Machine.

One Machine - "Forwarning"                                            ESP/LTD Guitars Demonstration
STUART RYAN (Solo Artist, Instructor)

"Iain is a great guitarist with all the components required for a great player - ability, commitment, and great musicality. The combination of dedication and ability will make him unstopabble!"

About Stuart: Stuart is an award winning guitarist most know for his solo acoustic playing. Described by jazz legend Martin Taylor as "one of the finest of the young generation”. Also a master of the electric he specialises in blues and jazz styles. He also writes for esteemed UK guitar magazines Guitar Techniques and Acoustic (by Guitarist) and is the head of the guitar programme at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music where Iain studied under his tuition.

"Corinna's Reel"                                                                        Jeff Beck Style Solo




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