Guitar Lessons

Have you found yourself playing through the same songs,

scale patterns, chords shapes and licks for years on end?

Do you find yourself learning new things online

and not knowing how to apply anything of it?

Whether you are just starting, stuck in those old ruts, or you just need an outside perspective on your playing GUITAR LESSONS ARE THE WAY TO GO!

Head to bottom of this page to contact Iain about guitar lessons:

About Iain:

Iain is an experienced guitar instructor with eight years experience teaching people of all ages and all levels privately as well as in colleges and universities.


He brings not only a knowledge of advanced playing techniques and musical theory, but his experience touring round the world and performing in various different scenarios has built a versatility and flexibility not always found in rock and metal players.

Having a wide taste in music ranging from rock, metal, blues, country, classical, pop and jazz, amongst others, he has learned to quickly discern and digest these genres and use the techniques


Lessons take place from Iain's home studio Shark Bite Studios in Bristol (UK) where he has an abundance of equipment and resources all for the benefit of the student:

  • Filming and recording capabilities

  • Large database of music

  • Self-made thorough and detailed handouts (using Guitar Pro 7)

  • Guitar magazine collection

  • A multitude of guitars, effects pedals and amplifiers

 (Please visit the "Shark Bite Studios" section of this website under the "Gear" menu for more information). 

Contact Iain via the submission form below:

Alternative use the details below:

Number: +44(0)7899757322


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